"WIDE-ASS" KIT DYNA 1996 THRU 2005 (TüV)

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TüV godkendt wide tire kit til dyna 200-250mm dæk kan monters 

This comprehensive wide tire conversion kit enables you to mount a 200 wide rear tire on a 6.25" wide rim (tire then measures 220mm) in the stock Dyna frame and still keep the stock 1 1/8" drive belt without trimming. If the wheel is slightly offset even 230 or 250 tires can be used. The kit contains everything you need, being a raw or black powder coated extra wide Swingarm, rear wheel axle, rear wheel axle adjusters, raw or powder coated fender struts that will take an up to 10 1/2" wide fender, extended upper shock mounting studs, a complete 25mm primary offset kit with a primary spacer ring, extended crankshaft extension with extended crankshaft nut, extended transmission main shaft, extended main drive 5th gear with needle bearings and seal, extended belt pulley spacer, extended clutch push rod, starter jack extension, primary-to-transmission spacers and all required hardware to offset your primary, swing arm splash guard and spacers to offset the right hand side foot pegs and the exhaust. Also included are two different brake caliper brackets to allow the use either a 1991 thru 1999 or 2000-2005 stock or aftermarket rear brake caliper. The kit contains all parts for 1996-2005 models. When you want to use this kit on a 1991-1993 model you will have to order a late style final drive pulley, countershaft 5th gear and extended starter jack shaft screw separately. Installation on 1991 thru 1995 models require custom fabrication of fender struts. Wheel and fender are not included, we offer a wide variety of extra wide fenders, tires, rims and wheels for use with the wide swingarm, these can be found elsewhere in this catalog. 

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