Custom Frisco Style Gastank

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A Frisco style chopper tank, but not your average run of the mill fuel tank.
Even with this low tunnel it will still just carry 1.6 gallon. No pain, no gain!
Good thing is it allows an ultra-narrow design for a sleek and slim look that most tanks can´t even come close to. This is the fuel carrier for the extremist! Comes with universal mounts and takes 83-up screw type gas caps. With 1/4 NPT threaded petcock hole, on a special extending tube on the lower left side to extract the last drop of fuel.

Overall approx. dimensions: 18.5mm wide x 19cm high x 37cm long.
Note: It is advised to pressure test, seal and test fit all tanks before tanks are painted and installed. Some tanks are painted, but this coat is applied for rust prevention during storage only.