Custom bobber "sportster style" gastank 2,25gallon

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Great gastank for any custom bike where you want that cool bobber look. 

Small tank with scalloped sides for a true custom look. Takes 83-up screw type gas caps and 3/8" petcock (not included) for internal threaded tanks. Petcock outlet on the left side. Includes mounting brackets which can be cut & welded for precise tank placement.

Approx. dimensions: 8" high, 9" wide. Tunnel approx. 2 1/4" wide, 15" long and 4" deep in front. Note: It is advised to pressure test, seal and test fit all tanks before tanks are painted and installed. Some tanks are painted, but this coat is applied for rust prevention during storage only..

Fits: > 83-03 XL ; various custom applications