Classic Twist Apehanger - 1.5" BUFF-BARS

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KH-Custom´s 1,5" BUFF-BARS are made from 38mm steel pipe to give this extra fat look.
They are TIG welded and grinded in house and made from top quality steel and cnc parts

I highly recomed (1,25" = 32mm) riser to keep better stability in the bars and increesed clamping grip by 25% BUT also much easier for you to pull cables and lines tru the bar

The cut out on right side is made to fit stock harley master cylinders 
FOR ZEMI-CLEAN with cut out on left side, please contact befor ordering 

10" = (30cm over all Top/buttom) = (24cm Center riser to center end grip)
12" = (35cm over all Top/buttom) = (29cm Center riser to center end grip) 
14" = (40cm over all Top/buttom) = (34cm Center riser to center end grip)
          (33cm Buttom Width outside bends )
          (92-93cm Top Width end to end grip)
              -Pullback 5.5" all of my bars-

16" " will be available in 2023 

The Bars are CNC bend with the most narrow radius to keep "total width" down and the bends has no visible slim places, such as ALL other bars u find on the marked!!
as well as no bend marks or down tubing...
ITS top of the line CNC machines that makes it!

Also pullback are less than most stock bars with (6" to 9.5") where you dont sit comfortablyt, but with to bend wrists. -Pullback 5"-5.5" all of my bars-

For any custom inquier just contact and ill make it happen :)