3" beltdrive for softtail

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Rigtig fedt bælttræk til din Bike, dette er et must have hvis du har en rigtig Custom Harley
3" open beltdrive, som giver et virkeligt råt look til en sitilet harley davidson.
Passer på softtail fra 1990 til 2006  leveres i poleret alu 

Kontakt mig gerne på mail eller mobil for hurtig levering!

der kan tilkøbes Outboard support og auto clutch (ring for info) 

A very complete 3" wide primary belt drive kit that contains the belt, complete clutch, front and rear pulley, belt side guard, starter pinion housing, starter pinion gear and aluminum motorplates in chrome or polished finish, There are many 3" belt drive kits on the market, some even as complete as these, but none of them are so much value for so little money.

For those that want to have it all an optional outboard bearing support kit can be ordered separately. But that's not all....

Another option is the Auto Clutch, a semi-automatic clutch set up. When you install this Auto Clutch you can just put the bike into gear, pull your brake and let your clutch go. Then you can even release the front brake lever, but at idle your bike still won't move. As soon as you rev the engine your clutch will engage and the bike will start rolling. When you hit the brake in heavy traffic you can just leave the bike in gear without disengaging the clutch. Just open the throttle and ride away again.